Plant Guarantee

At Coolings, your satisfaction and trust with the plants you have purchased is vital to us. We spend lots of time growing only the very best quality plants for you.

We therefore guarantee all our hardy nursery stock for 5 YEARS. For Coolings Family Members, we extend this to 7 YEARS.

If any of these plants should fail to establish within this period we will replace them to the purchase value free of charge or issue a credit note should a suitable replacement not be in stock.

It’s simple – all you need to do is produce your proof of purchase and your plant label together with the failed plants. This guarantee is subject to you correctly planting and nurturing your plants, please ask for advice.

There are some conditions which may invalidate this guarantee, for example:

  • Physical damage to a plant that is beyond our control e.g. bark damage caused by rabbits or damage by strimmers or lawn mowers.
  • If a plant has failed due to neglect e.g. insufficient water during dry weather.
  • We will guarantee a plant to its natural tolerance of hardiness. Extreme weather conditions may invalidate the guarantee on plants which are borderline hardy e.g. Acacia
  • We will guarantee a plant for its natural lifespan however we cannot guarantee short-lived perennials for five years where their life expectancy is less e.g. certain herbaceous plants such as Gaura or Digitalis.

Your statutory rights are not affected or altered by this guarantee. All annual plants (bedding) and houseplants are excluded from this guarantee.